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    Not such a new member, I was last on here about 3 years ago when I owned a Audi b5 s4 but that was sold and I was into bikes for a while. Just bought a new car this weekend!

    Not quite a photographer, but hopefully this will upload anyway.

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    Nice motor got any plans for it?

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    Hi not huge plans just yet.. Just a few interior trims I want to try and replace and get the wheel powdercoated as they are In a right state! Seems to be very quiet on here these days?

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    Yeah it's died right off there's Afew of us having a meet up on Wednesday night though details are in the meet section should get yourself along

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    welcome back ye the mods seemed to give up on it and no body been on but as si said few of us trying get things back to it

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    Welcome. Nice to see another standard R on here.
    ZZR certified at 200.586mph

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    hi mate and welcome.nice to see someone on my doorstep on here

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    Welcome, used to have a mk6 R lovely motors
    APR stage 2+ and they go like a rocket

    Also from Aycliffe
    Audi 8V S3 lightly tweaked

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    Yeah these go really well standard can't wait to see a tuned one in the flesh

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